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Once again, a new innovative advancement: The world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems is setting the new standard in performance of metal surface inspection technology

Announcing the latest generation of inspection systems: SURFACE MASTER

Aachen/Germany - June 2011. ISRA PARSYTEC, the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems for web products, is introducing with its SURFACE MASTER product line the latest generation in surface inspection solutions, which not only assures best possible surface quality, but also optimizes the entire flat steel manufacturing process.


The quality demands for flat steel and other materials have increased dramatically. With the increase in global competition and stringent regulations, producing the highest quality is a necessity. This is why manufacturers must be able to reliably monitor each and every production step. Over the last 12 years, when it came to meeting this task, 15 of the top 20 global metals producers have turned to ISRA PARSYTEC for the most capable surface inspection systems. ISRA PARSYTEC has leveraged its application experience, imaging and classification know-how and surface inspection focus and with close collaboration with its customers has developed the latest generation of surface inspection systems – the SURFACE MASTER product portfolio.

Now with the introduction of the SURFACE MASTER product line, a major step has been taken to empower our customers to improve their processes and quality.


Flexibility for any requirement

The SURFACE MASTER products are offered in 3 design versions to optimally meet a range of requirements:

SURFACE MASTER Standard is the high-performance standard system used for stand alone surface inspection applications.

SURFACE MASTER Advanced is the next step- an inspection system with extended performance capabilities that can be integrated into inspection networks. This system leverages the performance of inspection at multiple lines/processes.

SURFACE MASTER Premium is the system that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired: by far the best high-performance inspection with an extensive range of added functions.


The new product line opens the doors for metal manufacturers to a whole new wealth of options for not only surface inspection, but surface quality assessment, process monitoring, and data to decision- making capabilities. A product line focused on production quality to maximize output of top quality metal. The SURFACE MASTER inspection systems can be easily integrated at any point in the production process and are delivered pre-configured to provide immediate use and pay back.

Performance and reliability is extended- the defect recognition rate is at 98% and above. System availability is greater than 99.8%.


Accuracy and ease of use – meeting market demands:

imaging and classification tools define the excellence

High resolution imaging provides more pixel information for classification. The classifier is the most powerful, capable and intuitive available. The system is delivered with the industry leading Instant Classifier, immediate value is realized at startup. A multi stage classifier can be implemented for line specific defects- first self learning tools are employed and post processing tools can be used to combine defects into a logical result. The highest value is achieved with accurate detection and classification rates. The multi step classification approach ensures that all surface defects are reliably categorized and classified in an intuitive easy manner. The result: the ability to reach the highest possible performance in the shortest amount of time. Also a result of the expertise of ISRA PARSYTEC engineers gathered from decades of experience.

The detection and classification results are used to trigger alarms for immediate corrective actions for process improvement.


Standard, robust and high quality: The technology components

Only the latest proven, high-quality hardware components are used in SURFACE MASTER systems. The fastest camera technology and the ability to combine matrix and line cameras for optimum image acquisition and the highest resolution and image quality provides the foundation for the next steps- reliable defect detection and classification. This is supported by the very latest, high-intensity focused LED illumination technology used to optimally illuminate the surface with low maintenance. Multiple wavelengths are used depending on the application. The computer technology used for processing images, coupled with the network capabilities, is the most powerful technology available on the market. Combined with the bundled range of highly developed algorithms from a number of different applications, the systems reach unparalleled performance levels in their ability to detect defects. Defects are even accurately found on 2D and 3D structured surfaces such as steel and aluminum tread plate.


Low cost integration and fast implementation

"Time is money" – this is particularly true in the metal manufacturing industry. This is why the ability to easily integrate the inspection systems into the production environment is such a critical argument. With over 400 metals surface inspection systems, SURFACE MASTER systems provide the latest design for the simplest line integration requiring less space and simpler electrical integration. The benefit is also extended to simple troubleshooting, maintenance and service.

After integration, the startup process is short. The system is delivered ready to go for any standard application- reducing the implementation time required by 75%. This saves resources and accelerates value and payback.


Consistent long term performance –

Unique calibration and validation tools:

Performance validation is an integral part of the SURFACE MASTER product line. The sensors and measuring components are calibrated precisely to assure accuracy. This can be easily and routinely validated. The calibration options represent a definite added value for the metal manufacturer, because this means it can supply certified quality each and every time and can rest assured knowing that its products will pass the quality inspections of its customers with ease.


Additional functions

Many added functions make the SURFACE MASTER products a universal tool for improving quality. These include: width measurement (also stereoscopically), quality data archiving, analysis software for 2D and 3D structured surfaces and Live View for surface viewing and archiving.


The new reporting and analysis tools in the SURFACE MASTER product line increase the use of the system beyond inspection. They are designed to present online trends and important results of not only the surface inspection, but also the entire production process. Meaningful reports provide information about the quality of the produced coils, system diagnostics and ability to integrate additional process quality metrics besides surface data. Additional, knowledge-based decision-making tools are offered in the EXPERT software library which turn data to decisions saving time and eliminating unprofitable work.


Top-of-the line innovations in the product line

The SURFACE MASTER portfolio is complemented by additional innovations such as the QMS quality management system. Based on the inspection results provided by a SURFACE MASTER system, QMS provides a real time quality monitoring and alarming solution that works on either individual production lines, on several consecutive lines and even throughout the entire company. QMS is also a decision-making tool that can be used in production planning and optimization.



With the latest SURFACE MASTER product line from ISRA PARSYTEC, metal manufacturers and metal processors are provided a tool with which they can significantly improve their overall efficiency. The user is offered a system that is easily integrated, implemented and used with long term reliability and validation.


About the company

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems, used by 15 of the top 20 steel producers. With more than 730 installations worldwide, it provides the most advanced and customized surface inspection systems, delivering reliable and comprehensive information of all relevant surface defects across the various production steps. Together with innovative EXPERT5i software solutions, customers are able to easily create individual surface quality yield management applications, while integrating surface quality data with process data.

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most capable vendor of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, banknote paper, paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, printing and metalworking industries. The ISRA VISION Group is operating globally with its headquarters in Germany (Darmstadt and Aachen) as well as 15 additional subsidiaries worldwide, e.g. in North America, Korea and China.





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