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Significant increase in productiveness through innovative system concept

The next generation of quality inspection for metal surfaces; Focus on high data quality for correct quality decisions

Aachen/Germany – October 2012. ISRA PARSYTEC, the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems for web products, is introducing the next generation of surface inspection equipment. The highlight: With SURFACE MASTER surface inspection systems, the focus is not only on the best possible detection and classification results, but also on the high data quality relevant for the user. This is the basis for 100% accurate quality decisions. The performance of inspection systems is being redefined.

Up until now, the suppliers of inspection systems have gone to great lengths to ensure that all defects on metal web surfaces were detected and the best possible classification was achieved. Yet the many identified defects could only be used to a limited extent for process optimization. The reason is simple: Within the plethora of defect data, only a small amount of information is actually decisive for the product and process quality.


Filtering and grouping defect data

The new philosophy for the inspection systems of ISRA VISION PARSYTEC is based on the concept of filtering and grouping the quality data: If we assume, for example, that 10,000 defects are identified: the relevant (approx. 100) defects are then selected intelligently and automatically, according to defect type and severity, so that the quality of a coil can be measured and precisely assessed. Not every defect is relevant for the decision regarding quality. The performance of the inspection can thus be regarded as a combination of defect detection, classification performance and data quality.

The improved quality of data attained in this manner leads to accurate quality decisions and distinguishes this system from all other inspection systems on the market. Furthermore, the defect data that is relevant for subsequent (downstream) or preceding (upstream) process stages is forwarded throughout the process chain of aluminium production. Here, great importance is attached to the correct and uniform designation of defects: A "translation" or "transfer" module integrated in the system helps to standardize the different defect descriptions sometimes used for the same defect even within a company. This in turn leads to uniform "corporate terminology", an essential cornerstone of company-wide quality management and the basis for consistent optimization throughout the entire production chain.

In order to meet all the different requirements of manufacturers in relation to objectives and performance, the inspection systems are offered in three performance classes: Standard, Advanced and Premium. The systems differ in terms of: Resolution, computing performance, classification performance and the class of quality data supplied. Compared to other available systems, even the standard system provides excellent performance, with top speed and high system availability. The premium system assures almost 100% accurate quality decisions.


Performance redefined

The manufacturer is provided with a comprehensible decision-making aid to determine whether or not the goods produced meet the defined requirements. In combination with high inspection performance, the level of support for making quality decisions is more important than the mass of individual data.

Performance redefined: Because the systems are ready for immediate use, the financial benefits will be reaped by the user within a short period of time. The costs and risks for the user are kept very low due to the reduced integration effort and the expansion capability of the systems. The methods used have already successfully undergone their first tests in the field.

The "Power" options serve to further increase user benefits. The tools and reports for supporting the auditing process, for example, ensure a high level of trust from customers of the aluminium manufacturers, as they guarantee optimum transparency of results. Furthermore, production yields are further maximized by the precise tools for process and product analysis.



The aim of the new system philosophy is to enable the manufacturer to supply the right quality at high efficiency, without losing sight of costs due to over-engineering. The new systems enable precise fulfillment of manufacturers' requirements and, what's more, ensure the rapid and reliable profitability of the installations. The ISRA VISION PARSYTEC system philosophy makes it possible. The redefined performance of surface inspection systems is measured against this. For example, the average return on investment (ROI) for a typical production line using Surface Master is $ 0.8 million for hot rolling, $ 1.25 million for coating and $ 1 million per year for slitting optimization.




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